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With countless Satta King Chart & Satta King Result sites floating around on the internet, it's common to lose hope of finding the "real data". In such scenarios, you must seek some trusted help to end all the chaos. It’s where www.realsattaking.com enters the picture. Our online portal is the ultimate source of “won-loss” data, i.e., Satta King Chart & Result for Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gali, and disawar. Refer to this data to protect your bets with the power of numbers!

It's time to put your trust back into a portal with access to all the relevant information at our fingertips.We help you find all kinds of best predictors, often called Satta Baba. Our portal has Satta games results organized, delivering all relevant historical data in a clean, clear and easy-to-understand format. We also have charts for 2022, 2021, and 2020 so that you can refer to the result and judge a winning prediction. Our records give you a chance to take your pick from the best practice in the business.

Live Result

Betting on Satta lotteries is becoming increasingly complicated, with many users losing money, often not understanding why – even after placing bets. We live in the digital age where all information is at our fingertips. So, why not check the live result before trying your luck? Our portal presents the Live Result for each locality, the nearby areas, and for each game. Check out the live result to increase your winning chances.





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Have you lost your hard-earned money by trusting the wrong predictors? The lack of knowledge about whom to bet makes the process of predicting an iffy and risky job. But that's not the case with Satta experts.

Our Satta King Online Result portal gives you a complete list of contact details of the most trusted and experienced gambling predictors available in your state. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to waste time searching for the predictors’ contact details, as we have already done that for you. Get in touch with them today and enjoy your share of the jackpot!


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Struggling to find winning ‘Satta' numbers, which Prediction Predictors know? If yes,

Refer to Satta King Chart 2022 for a Winning Prediction

It is difficult for you to predict the correct Satta number or game. Every day, the Satta King Charts are displayed on many websites. But unfortunately, most of them do not always provide the correct figures. It reduces your chances of winning and can even make you lose your bet.

But, there is a way out of this kind of situation which can give you real-time Satta King results to help you predict the upcoming numbers- saving you time & money. The answer is ‘The Real Satta King Online Portal. We’re here to help you make sense of winning data to make more informed choices while playing Satta. These charts are a unique way to keep up to date with previous winning numbers and strategies accordingly.


Date Disawar Faridabad Ghazaibad Gali
01-01-2023 n/a 60 26 39
02-01-2023 30 68 77 97
03-01-2023 60 62 51 15
04-01-2023 77 34 06 00
05-01-2023 65 63 83 81
06-01-2023 72 45 63 41
07-01-2023 17 79 15 31
08-01-2023 74 89 46 96
09-01-2023 95 20 63 43
10-01-2023 51 39 11 79
11-01-2023 71 27 23 29
12-01-2023 99 11 55 23
13-01-2023 98 65 65 04
14-01-2023 68 23 08 89
15-01-2023 78 13 02 32
16-01-2023 29 78 83 27
17-01-2023 15 -- -- --


It seems you've been looking for Disawar Satta Record Chart 2022 over the internet, and it's taking you so long to find what you're looking for. You start to wonder: Is this worth it? Is there a way I can see what I need faster? Well, we have the answer for you.

Check out the latest Satta King Disawar Chart 2022 given below. We collect the data you need and present it so you can easily find it. Refer to this exclusive chart for accurate planning and increase your winning chances!


Are you done with scrolling yet another site making false promises of showing you the right Faridabad Satta Record Chart 2022? Now, you don’t have the patience to look at another broken link or empty spreadsheets. Don’t worry! We're here to help you ease the load of your research.

Shaping up your learning curve with Faridabad Result, we bring you clean, structured and well-formatted information on Faridabad’s Satta Record Chart Result 2022. Refer to this chart to pick a lucky number- let's see if you're lucky!


Not finding the right Ghaziabad Result Chart 2022,it's not your fault; you're busy, and there's no time to waste trawling the Net and clicking through thousands of useless sites trying to find something useful.

But what if you have a single shortcut that takes you straight to your goal? You're overwhelmed with joy — and why wouldn't you be? In seconds you've found exactly what you need, the latest Ghaziabad Satta Record Chart 2022, from a single source. And it only took a few clicks with our portal.


Are you completely overwhelmed by disordered data from various lotteries companies on Gali Satta Chart 2022? Do you want a reference chart to maximize your chance of finding a winning number and easily winning millions in Satta King Online raffle games?

Now, there is no need to fumble over various Satta sites where you cannot find the right results for Gali Satta Record Chart 2022. Find all the information you need in one place, right here. Referring to the given chart recognises the pattern of winning numbers and then takes it one step forward by predicting them in advance.

Want to Look at Previous Year’s Satta King Charts? We’ve You Covered!

Keeping track of a single Satta game is heavy work, let alone keeping a close eye on the results of all the other companies and Comparing them to figure out which one is likely to win. Why try figuring it out yourself when you can use the Satta King Chart?

We've been tracking this data for years. With our detailed, scientifically-structured format, we'll help you break down each game and compare results with minimal effort. So, whether you need Charts of Gali, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Disawar for 2021 or 2022, we've got you covered!

List of Satta King Chart 2021

Keeping track of Satta king results is becoming more challenging, especially with so many new companies launching. How can you find the winning numbers with so much noise and chaos? It’s recommended to refer to the previous year’s chart to try your luck and win. We have earned our place in the hearts of folks by providing them with on-time updates and high-quality data so they can predict their fate and profit from it.


List of Satta King Result 2020

Keeping track of hot Satta Results is a real pain,with scam sites everywhere. With limited information, it is difficult to understand which dates are worth focusing on.So, now you don't need to search multiple websites to find the correct details of the Satta Chart for the Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Gali regions. With this data, you can easily find what you are looking for. All you need to do is pick the right chart and get the details. It makes winning easy. So, let’s have a look at our list of Satta King Chart 2020 so that you can easily predict a lucky number.


Searching all across the internet for accurate Satta charts and results, and at last, you find that they don't always have the data you need. Does it waste your time, and is your research of no use?

We understand that time is precious, so we've compiled all the info on our pages to help you make the most of yours. Don't settle for a sea of broken links and dead ends. Use our portal instead. You will find the correct information on Satta King Result and Chart on one website with one click.

Use Satta King Chart daily for free! Get access to current, past and future results for free! No more frustration or wasted hours trying to piece together scattered data points. Get the Satta King Result at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Satta King?

Satta King is a popular number-based lottery game. A player needs to select any number between 0 to 99. The lucky number gets the price. Players must bet a desired amount of money on their selected number b/w 0 to 99. If their number chosen matches the lucky number drawn from the pot, 'Matka', they get the price. In old times, Satta King was known as Satta Matka or Matka games. People used to call the winner 'Satta King'. Fellow players gave it out of respect and fun.

Later, when the game became popular, people started using the title as the game name in general. Every Satta game has its title, and popular ones are Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Disawar, etc.

Who can play Satta Lottery Games?

Satta King games are viral among the masses. It's not limited only to men. However, women also take an active interest in it. It is one of those games that does not need you to be young or old, adult, literate or illiterate. Anyone can take part in it and feel like a winner.

What is the history of the Satta Games?

Initially, the Satta King game was popular as Ankada Jugad. It got recognition as Satta King in the late 60s or early 70s. Ratan Khatri first presented the idea as a playing Satta. Players need to bet on some imaginary numbers' closing and opening rates. As time passed, the game underwent many changes. A new name, Kalyanji Bhagat, worked on some new ideas. This way, a new format of Satta Kind became available to players.

The game was at its peak in the 1980 and 1990s.During that time, the game got banned in most parts of the country. It's played online now with the changing time. You can refer to different sites online to check the Satta Chart Results.

What is the eligibility to play Satta Games?

There's no defined eligibility to play Satta games. Anyone can play the Satta King Game Online. But before you start playing the game and invest your money, you must know that it's not legal in India. Still, it's played on a large scale in different regions of the country to earn extra money. When a player starts playing the game for the first time, they need to take care of a few things.

E.g. Name the game with the name of a City, State, or particular place. Several Satta games are played in India. The popular ones are Gali, Faridabad, Disawar,& Ghaziabad.

Do you want to generate extra money without any hard work? If yes, pay for the Satta King game online. Check our site to check daily to check Satta King Results.

Can I play Satta Games Online/ Offline?

The answer is yes. It's one of the most popular lottery games in India. You decide to play online or offline. As it's not legal in India and has little history, it's easy to get lost in the Satta Game Scams. So, we recommend players play carefully. Since the Corona pandemic spread worldwide, players have switched to online play mode. Picking between the online/ offline mode depends on you. If you win, you'll get the winning amount in your account upon the agreed terms.

Where Can I Find the Accurate Satta King Result?

The answer to this question is https://www.realsattaking.com/. We have years of understanding and industry knowledge. We can assist you with picking the winning number. You need to reach any of our expert predictors and try your luck. It's difficult to predict something like this. But we'll never let you down when picking the winning number.

What is the time of the Satta Result Declaration?

Every company has some standard timing to declare the result of Satta games. Sometimes, you can discover Satta Chart drafted after the result declaration. When it comes to accuracy, we guarantee to show you the most accurate results. Coming to the result timing, here’s the approximate timing of the Result declaration,

1. Satta Gali Result: 11:15 p.m.

2. Satta Faridabad Result: 06:00 p.m.

3. Satta Dishawar Result: 05:00 a.m.

4. Satta Ghaziabad Result: 08:00 p.m.

What is the Satta King Chart Site for?

Satta King is a popular game of numbers. It all starts by picking up a number from the board, and then you pick up numbers until no further options are left. Players play the game repeatedly until they reach a predetermined target. The player with the highest number wins that round and earns points in return.

But keeping track of numbers can be confusing at times. All thanks to sites like The Real Satta King, it's easier to predict the lucky number. We have 2022, 2021, and 2020 Satta King Chart & Result on our website. You can refer to these numbers to predict the winning combination. Also, you can take help from our expert predictor listed on the site.

Which is the most trusted site to get Satta Results?

People from different parts of the country enjoy playing Satta King games. The game only gets interesting if you have a trusted source to get the latest Satta King Chart. In this digital age, many websites and apps are available to get the latest result charts. But which site should you trust? The answer to this question is The Real Satta King.

How to get Satta Leak Results?

This game is a serious business; you can lose money in a bad deal if you don't approach the game with care and professionalism. But that’s not the case with this lottery game. We're trusted by millions of players looking for Satta online charts that are accurate and easy to find. With the accuracy of our leaked Satta online results, we have become a choice for lotteries in India. Bet on our numbers and know that they are the winning ones. We bet your profits will grow exponentially.

How does this Lottery Site work?

The simple answer to this question is No. It takes work to predict the correct Satta King number. So, be aware of the people who ask for money to give you a leak number. You can only earn money if you approach this game with care and professionalism. We can help you with this. Our site represents daily Satta King Results online. We're trusted by millions of players looking for accurate online Satta King Charts. With the accuracy of our results. We have become a choice for lotteries in India. Bet on numbers suggested by expert predictors to win big. We bet your profits will grow exponentially.

What are My Chances of Winning the Satta King Game?

Each of you who comes to this site wants to earn extra money. But it's more challenging than it sounds. Satta King games can solve your money problems only if you play carefully. As you know, only one lucky number from 0 to 99 will win the prize. So, only one number out of 100 will win the prize. Thus, proper guidance is vital to increase your winning chances.

Before answering how the Satta lottery site works,you must know there's only a 1% chance of winning the game. You can lose your hard-earned money with proper knowledge. Do you want secure your win? If yes, it's time to reverse the game and try your luck with us. Call one of our expert predictors. It's the perfect way to win money while having fun, which you'll not find anywhere else.

What Process does Satta King Result Portal follow?

Anyone who has placed their bets with a ‘satta king’ knows the experience. We are the leading Satta King directory in India. Our site is updated daily and has the best number of predictors.

It would help if you browsed through our Satta King Result portal pages. It will help you choose your preferred predictors or use the search option if you know their names. Pay the charges and get the needed help to generate a lucky number that can change your fortunes. Get in touch with us today and become a successful Satta King player.

Is it legal to play King Games?

No, any lottery game is not legal in India. But some games are legal in some parts of India, while others are not. Many states have legalized lottery games. It includes states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Punjab, and Sikkim.

The government has introduced a law that prohibits gambling in India. It's marked as the breaking of the law. If you choose to play, you must be aware of the consequences. You might have to pay a heavy amount as a fine. If you refuse to play, you might to sent to jail in the worst cases. So, it's your risk if you play.

Why are Gambling Games so popular?

Gambling games are a proven way to quickly make money– especially in times of great need – when you need it most. The fact that it has been around for centuries proves its staying power. It's popular as a complement to increase your primary income. You can win thousands of lakhs in one day if you choose the lucky number. Many people won the lottery and changed their life in a single day. It's one of the main reasons why these games are popular in India and the world. Despite the risk, many players try their luck to become rich.

What is the secret to winning Satta Lottery?

The term 'Satta raffle trick' itself is self-explanatory! But then there are a million more questions and doubts you need answering. How to Win Satta Lottery? i.e. Is there any trick to it? Well, NO, absolutely not. It is dependent on your luck. Plus, no matter how much you are playing, it will only take you somewhere if you play with a calm mind. You have to wait until the time comes when you'll have luck. Besides, play Satta with us. We provide you with the best platform to win big money. We ask for your patience for a chance to win big cash prizes.